First 6 weeks Planned

15th November: After the 12 hour flight, we will be staying in Bangkok for 4 Nights; we have arranged to meet up with Craig Weeks and his family who coincidentally are also staying in BKK. Lynne’s manager from Harbour is also likely to be there – enough for a party?

On the 19th November we then travel by train to Kanchanaburi (100 miles west of Bangkok). We have booked a 3 night stay at the Sabai@kan Hotel (I know strange name) close to the River Kwai Bridge. From here we will travel and see the Death Railway and the infamous Hellfire Pass.

22nd  November Train back to Bangkok, en-route to Phu Noi Beach (Dolphin Bay) near Pranburi. We have booked beachside bungalow for 8 nights at the Blue Beach Resort.

Phu Noi beach is also known as Dolphin bay. This is because a pod of rare pink river dolphins found here (often confused with Irrawaddy dolphins). They come here after the monsoon to feed on eel catfish and can be seen from late October to March. There are no guarantees in seeing them, however the best chance is to kayak near the islands; also it is a lot easier to spot them on calm days. Getting Lynne into a Kayak may be a bit of a challenge.

We are scheduled to arrive in Khao Lak on 3rd December and stay until   2nd January. We will be working about 20 hours a week, sometimes in a school, Technical College, or my preference in the bars helping the workers with tourism English.

During our month in Khao Lak we’ll meet lots of new people of different nationalities and age groups and hope to pick up some pointers of where to go next……….


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