Kanchanaburi – Our first stop after Bangkok

The Bridge on the River Kwai.




Although the movie of the same name is highly inaccurate in it’s facts, there’s no question the horror that the prisoners of war had toendure during construction of two bridges.

All over Kanchanaburi are testaments to the suffering of the labourers who were orced to work under appalling, inhumane conditions.

An estimated 16,000 war prisoners and over 100,000 local labourers died between 1942-1943.

Erawan Water Fall




Erawan Falls has seven levels dropping down over 1,500m and is regarded as one the more beautiful in Thailand.

You can walk to each level fairly easily on the paths but if you’re aiming to get to the very top then it’s a bit of a scramble up the cliff – it’s worth the effort though!

You can swim in some of the pools created by the falls. Around the park there are  several caves where you can explore and see some weird and wonderful limestone formations, stalagtites and stalagmites



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