Dinner Thai Beach Style

Last night we wandered along the beach and decided to have dinner in a fish restaurant called Dao.  It was pretty rustic, the sort of place you wipe your feet when leaving.   There was definitely a language barrier, I even tried speaking louder.  Unfortunately this did not work, so we resorted to pointing at pictures in the menu.

We ordered: 1 beer, 1 white wine, 1 fried rice with shrimp, 1 pork with garlic and pepper, 1 spicy chicken in a sweet peanut sauce and 1 steamed rice.  they nearly got it all right, we had squid instead of shrimp.

We can only say the food was some of the best we have ever experienced.  After clearing the plates we were then given complimentary pineapple.  The bill for this feast came to 370 baht (approx £8).

How can they keep their cost so low?  See picture!


One thought on “Dinner Thai Beach Style

  1. This has made me chuckle! It must have been pretty good. I’m really enjoying the blog, and some of my friends have also read and enjoyed it..love you loads mum and dad, you’re the best xxx

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