Thai Beds – hardest material in the world?

Sorry if you have already read this one. I had to re-publish

Why did a Thai bed cause us to change plans after months of planning?

Diamonds used to be the hardest known material to man, this changed recently when the new material wurzite baron nitride was discovered. Well I disagree, having spent 7 nights sleeping on a Thai mattress in the Blue Beach resort in Phu Noi Bay. This bed was as hard as rock that was then covered in the equivalent of a Carpetright £1.99 per square metre carpet.  When we checked in we asked if another mattress was available or could something be done about it. The compromise was to fold some quilts and bedding and try and make it a little more comfortable.  It helped and we did manage to sleep.

After this experience we both agreed that, before we agree to stay in a hotel the bed must meet the bounce test, both by sitting and lying.

After a 10 hour overnight bus journey, we arrived in Khao Lak and checked in to the Phu Khao Lak hotel. The first thing we did was the “Bed Test” and guess what, the beds were harder than the previous one.

We asked if anything could be done, the answer was “solly”

So after a 10 hour journey with very little sleep we went in search of a hotel that met the “Bed Test” criteria,  after 3 or 4 hotels that failed the test, we found one that passed the test with flying colours, so here we are for 31 days covering the Christmas and New Year period.

I understand that all Thai people use beds that have the same degree of hardest built in to them. It is also a fact that there are more massage parlours in Thailand than any other country. I think I know the reason why!

The hotel we found is a little gem, close to the beach and views of the tropical rain forest.

View from our room in Khao Lak

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