Morning – Afternoon. What a difference

Today was our first proper day teaching individual classes at Watmuangpratcharam School which was a 30 minute drive south of Khao Lak, heading towards Phuket.  We assisted in 4 classes, 2 morning and 2 afternoon.

What a contrast: the 2 morning classes were full of uncontrollable little  horrors.  Urgent!  Can someone send an electric cattle prod (I think they are acceptable form of child control over here).  I had to resort at one time to sitting on one of the little sods to keep him from creating absolute havoc!

The 2 afternoon classes were great.  Quiet, eager learners who all paid attention but I wonder if the fact that one of their Thai teachers was in the room the whole time had something to do with it.  Some of the names are still not what you would expect.  We had:  Donut, Bum, Nut, Uhm, Mint, Fear and Plum – what were their parents thinking!!   At home this would count as child abuse.

Cleaning the school between lessons
Donut and Bum
PM class
Cheeky Chappie

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