Teachers are definitely not paid enough

Week 2 Teaching in Thailand:

Monday was  a prep day, we started at 9.30 in the VTT office. We met up with the other volunteers and the professional teacher, Cec (an Australian).  Not sure if he didn’t do  mornings or disliked Poms, but he was a bit of a miserable git and both Lynne and I thought, we don’t have to put up with this shit.

Anyway we were given the schedule for the week….

Tuesday, depart office for Watmuangpratcharam School, approx 30-40 minutes by Songthaew (Taxi) 1st lesson 9.30, 2nd lesson 10.30. Lunch 11.30 – 12.30. 3rd lesson 13.30 -14.30.

Wednesday, depart office at 12.00 for Tablamu School, 3 lessons, finish at 15.30. We then went to the local orphanage Home and Life where we did nearly 2 hours of classes and games.

Thursday, depart office at 8.15 for Ban Fai Tha School (Muslim school) 3 50 minute lessons. Lunch with the teachers.

Friday,  depart office at 12.00 for Koh Nok School 2 x 1 hour lessons.


Wednesday, arrived at school with time for a coffee, in what can only be described as a shed and this is being complementary. Anyway 5 coffees and a greasy something or other (filled with ?) cost less than £1…. The school was near to a Thai Navy base. The warning bells should have sounded!

Time for the first lesson…. We were led into the class room like Christians to the lions.   We had 30-40 kids even though the teacher was in the room, behaved like they had all just consumed 3 litres of coca cola and some additional artificial food colourings that give you energy. We also had one lad who had ADHD (in fact he was better behaved than some of the so called normal kids)  If I had cable ties, I would have used them.

We had 2 more lessons like this, some kids wanting to learn others just being disruptive. By the end of the day we were both physically and mentally shattered.  Some were great kids though and showed it in their eagerness to become involved.

Anyway we have some more great names from the 3 classes, Arm, Fear, Ice, Bam, Nut, Bank, Bum, Ear, Pupe and Beer ( my favourite)!  It must be a Thai tradition, or the dad has been on the Thai Whiskey and names them with the first thing that enters his head.

To date we have had a Nut in every class!!!!!

Anyway, Cec  turned out to be a really good guy, he had the patience of a saint and loved what he was doing.  Not sure if Cec will read this, but a big thanks from both of us.

To be continued…….

Cec doing what he does best

Frankie and Lynne

Cec a real good Guy

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