Farewell khao Lak

Monday 2nd January:

After 31 nights in Khao Lak  it’s time to move North. We’ve both enjoyed the teaching experience and will be taking with us some great memories.

Nok the spitter, Uhm, Bim, Bam, Boom, Pear and not forgetting the Nut in every class.

The Home and Life orphanage was our favourite place,  26 kids all playing outside, not sat in front of a computer playing games every hour of the day.

Our taxi driver (Kobin) who took us to the schools and picked us up, provided us with fresh bananas, pineapple and papaya on a daily basis.

The staff from the Golden Place Hotel, who made our stay special,  especially Bum, Lek, Malee and Daa.

The trip to the Surin Islands….

Our next stop is Ranong, near the Burma border on the Andaman sea.

Golden place
New Years Eve - Golden Place
Beach on North Surin Island
Our personal driver

2 thoughts on “Farewell khao Lak

  1. Hi Neil and Lynne, really enjoying reading about your trip and looking at your photos, it seems like you’re having a great time. Lynne liked your comment about teachers not being paid enough, she’s been saying it for years!! Happy New Year to you both, Wayne and Lynne xxx

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