Interesting Menu

Below is a page from a menu in a Kanchanaburi Restaurant. I asked the waiter for the crocodile and said “Make it snappy”

Click to enlarge

3 thoughts on “Interesting Menu

  1. Hi Neil
    Thanks for all the news – is the menu a sneak preview of Little Chef’s as they try to turn their business around?!!!!
    Had a swift flasback to 2000 when we went on safari in Kenya and visited a restaurent to celebrate our 30th wedding aniversary, only to be presented with bar-b-qued
    ‘Big 5’! All the beautiful animals we had been so humbled to see in the wild were being paraded on a huge skewer and carved at our table.
    carry on enjoying yourselves.
    Jennifer and Jim

  2. Hi Neil and Lynne
    It was great meeting you last night. Thanks for all the travel tips and sharing you stories of experiences that are only possible in South East Asia. I admire how both of you are taking such a life changing adventure, and really getting off the beaten path.
    I look forward to checking out the restaraunts that you recommended. Perhaps before you leave we can get together again.

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