Another Day – Another Wat

Today we visited the Doi Suthep Wat which is located on a mountain overlooking Chiang Mai.  We can see it from our apartment balcony.

We made an early start, the temperature was forecast to reach 34c. It was a 25 minute journey by Songthaew up a steep and winding road.  The other major issue was, there are 300 steps up to the temple. The exercise would do us both  good!  It is also worth noting  Thai culture is very religious and in the main Buddhist though this doesn’t appear to stop them making a quick buck (baht!).  On the way into this Wat, there are stalls selling everything you can imagine, clothes, roast chicken, flowers, fresh fruit and even traditional Thai costumes. Even in the Wat, there were coffee shops and places to eat.  I may be old fashioned but I don’t think it’s right.

Anyway, your’e probably all getting fed up with the number of Wat photos I have included in my Blog, but they are quite beautiful and well worth recording.


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