Laos – 260 Million Bombs

Some Facts

The country of Laos (or Louse as pronounced by north Americans!) is landlocked and borders China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Population  6.5 million.

Laos and the Vietnam War. Massive aerial bombardment was carried out by the United States. It  was reported that Laos was hit by an average of one B52 bomb load every eight minutes, 24 hours a day between 1964 and 1973.  US bombers dropped more ordnance on Laos in this period than was dropped during the whole of the Second World War. Of the 260 million bombs that rained down, some 80 million failed to explode, leaving a deadly legacy. Laos is the most heavily-bombed country, per capita, in the world.   Allegedly the Americans have spent less money in helping dispose/clear up the UN-Exploded Bombs, than the cost of  bombs dropped in one day.

Luang Prabang was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.  The town was described by the global body as “an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture”. It’s location is where the Nam Khan River joins the Mekong River. Like Chiang Mai, there are numerous temples here, it’s also a place where Buddhist monks further their studies in Buddhism.

The Mekong River is still a major trade route between China and Vietnam and is still used for transporting all types of goods.

Luang Prabang Verdict: 

Due to Lynne having a dose of the tropical belly for a couple of days, we had to cancel a couple of trips but we have walked miles around the beautiful town and had a sunset cruise on the Mekong (on a boat 40′ long and 2.5′ wide).  Glad we came, people friendly, food is more expensive than Thailand, beer is cheap.   Would we come back?  No. 4-5 days is enough.


One thought on “Laos – 260 Million Bombs

  1. Hi Neil
    Thanks for all the pics and snippets of information on your travels.
    Laos stats were thought provoking – incomprehensible figures
    Hope Lynne is feeling more comfortable and you haven’t followed suit!!

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