Cambodia – Cockerel nearly causes diplomatic incident.

The hotel we booked was great, swimming pool, breakfast, large A/Con good bathroom including shower and a bathtub. Bed was hard, but for £16 a night  we thought we could put up with the hard bed.  What we were not made aware of was the cockerel who, like most cockerel,s are early risers: 4:00am to be precise.

Waking at 4:00am just made the bed seem harder than Cornish granite. So after a brief crisis conference, we decided we would need to find a quieter and softer place to rest our weary heads …. and fast!

We had breakfast at 8ish – we had tea, toast, omelette and  ham.  A Russian couple on the next table had the same, but the guy had a beer and the women had a vodka in her orange juice.  Sorry I digress, anyway we went to reception and said we would be checking out early because: 1 The bed was to hard. 2 The cockerel started at 4:00am and kept me awake. I threatened to go round and kill the cockerel, only to be told it was a Prize Fighting Cockerel.  The tone of  my voice was a little harsh, Lynne did apologise and say ” He can be grumpy if he doesn’t get his sleep”.

Back to good ol’  Trip Advisor. We narrowed it down to 4 possibles that were within our price range. We had not crossed the front door of the hotel, when a Tuk tuk driver said “Tuk tuk mister” I smiled and said ‘yes please!’ Agreed a price and went on our way. His name was San and he has 3 children, who all go to a English school that he pays for. He then tried to sell us 20 different trips that he can do at a very reasonable price.

The first hotel we visited was a 4 star, but was available on the internet for $35,  we asked if we could see the room and undertake the now mandatory mattress test and ask if any livestock was nearby, the answer was “No Sir”  The room was large and spacious, the bathroom was clean and had the usual goodies associated with a 4 star hotel and yes the mattress passed the jump/bounce test. We agreed a stay of 5 night @ £22 a night including breakfast…

We checked in, had the cases delivered to our room, unpacked and decided to have a look around the area. We gave our key in at reception and the receptionist enquired where are going to go.  Without realising  I said,  ” We’re just going to walk around and see what’s what” She said “Which Wat is that sir? I’ve never  heard of that one”.

Not many piccies yet! Will get some on the next post…


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