Now I do enjoy drink, but…

The British for a long time have had a pretty poor reputation when travelling abroad. We are well known for heavy drinking, loutish behaviour, noisy and being downright objectionable. Having now travelled for nearly 4 months, I can honestly say that compared to the Russians we are angelic; butter wouldn’t melt in our mouths.

Most of us like a drink when on holiday, I’m no exception, I have been known to have the occasional beer before noon.  Today on the beach we happened to be sat by a Russian couple in their mid 30s. We took our bottle of water and some fruit.  By 11:00am, the Russian man had consumed 2 large cans of lager and then started on a half bottle of whiskey which he drank straight from the bottle. Not to be outdone, his wife was most of the way through a bottle of vodka. By noon they had the man got up, staggered his way to the rubbish bin and deposited his empties. I think it must have been the sun, the ozone and the lapping of the waves but they then proceeded to get quite amorous. Thankfully they decided to go for a swim.



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