Nha Trang – Every corner tells a story!

Nha Trang 450km North of Ho Chi Minh City arrived safely but smelly on the Urinal Express.

The French recognized that this beautiful bay, with its islands and white sand beaches, made for a perfect bathing spot, and began the transformation into a resort town.  American soldiers agreed and in-between killing people during the Vietnam war, Nha Trang became a favourite vacation stop during the war.

One criticism, like Ho Chi Minh City, it seems that every corner, no matter how busy the road is, smells like the train we arrived on. Urine. Unlike the UK where we  have public toilets, here every street corner is the place to go. Perhaps it’s a taxi/tuk tuk driver macho thing, they do it to mark out their territory. All I know is every corner smells of piss.

Lack of dogs? Thailand, Laos and Cambodia had dogs wandering around, here there are very few and those we’ve seen are on a lead or with someone. I guess if they are classed as very tasty and a natural food source, this would explain it.

We visited the local Mud Spa and indulged and immersed ourselves in hot mud and hot mineral water, supposedly good for old bones. Hopefully we will feel the benefits soon.

In order to burn some of the calories from the great food cheap beer and spirits (bottle beer 33pence, bottle of local vodka £2.50) we decided to walk to the local street market, below are some of the photos.

Wednesday 15th we move again, Hoi An next stop, 5-600km north. This time we’ve chosen the flying option – don’t think we could stomach the urinal express so soon.


2 thoughts on “Nha Trang – Every corner tells a story!

    1. Still love it, it’s all part of the experience. What we have learnt is, when you have identified the smelly corners, try and avoid them. generally by finding a bar.

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