I don’t believe it!

Wide load Asian Style

Here in Asia we continue to be amazed at what people transport on small motorbikes/scooters. Tonight at dinner in Nha Trang we’ve seen a double mattress strapped on the pillion seat of a Honda 50cc, a family of 4 adults and 2 children on a small motorbike, a motorbike with more than 40 helium filled balloons attached, presumably for a party somewhere (or some form of air bag in case of a crash), a tree in the front basket of a motorcycle with the driver peering through the undergrowth.

On our tour of Cu Chi Tunnels, our guide Joseph Chung told us that in his village they will strap a coffin, including body, to the back of a motorbike for the funeral.

Unfortunately the vast majority of these wonders of the transportation world do not stop and pose for me to take a photo, but honestly we have seen a lot of them.

So that you get a flavour of what we have seen, I searched Google and borrowed some images from the web.  Hopefully, I will have the camera at the ready for any future sightings.


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