$2 hair cut

My hair tells me when it needs to be cut (it starts to have a mind of it’s own) and Sunday 11th March was that day.  Since leaving on the 14th November, I’ve had it cut three times.The first cut was in Hua Hin (Thailand), very pleased with the result, clipper number 3 and tidied with scissors, ears done and a good dusting of talc, first class job; cost £4.

Second cut was in Luang Prabang (Lynne had found it necessary not to be more than 6 feet way from the toilet) so I ventured out in search of the hairdressers of my choice. Within 100 yards of the hotel, I found what resembled a hairdressers; in fact it was a lean-to shed with mirrors and seats in it. It looked cheap so, I asked and gestured in pidgeon English, “How much cut hair?” I received a blank look. Being English I thought they didn’t understand so said in a louder voice “HOW MUCH CUT HAIR?” This time they understood, 20,000 kip (less than 2 quid).  I thought that sounded reasonable so I sat down and a girl who looked about 12 and needed to stand on a box to reach, got out the electric clippers and proceeded. I thought, bugger made a mistake here.  Anyway part way through  the senior and taller hair stylist looked over and could see that it wasn’t going very well and took over, the 12 year old went and did some eyebrow plucking…. The day was saved, even left a 6 pence tip.

I would have had it cut in Phnom Penh but someone in out hotel had just paid  $2  for a hair cut and it was pretty damned awful. It reminded me of the hair cuts I had when I was 7 or 8 years old so I thought I’d wait until Vietnam.

Woke up today, looked in the mirror and decided that I needed an urgent trip to the hairdressers. Well, here in Vietnam there is so much choice. There are barbers on most corners and I mean literally on the pavement (between the parked motorcycles and cars). The trouble is, many Vietnamese corners smell of p**s!  There are so many choices as every massage parlour and spa offer manicure, pedicures, waxing, tattoos and hair cuts. The one I ventured in to looked OK, the only problem was that I needed to wake up the two girls that worked there; they were both fast asleep in the barbers chairs. I coughed and made some noise and one of them awoke with a start and I motion ‘hair cut, how much?’  70,000 dong (£2.25). Bargain.  No sooner had I sat down and the clippers were out and my hair was on the floor. It was a little shorter than my usual number 3, but OK she only cut me once behind the ear, fortunately it didn’t need medical attention. Whilst my hair was being cut, the other girl remained fast asleep in the chair next to mine, even me tickling her nose didn’t get a response .I think next time I’ll try a street barber, being on a budget got to make the pennies go a long way.


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