Train Journey – Urinal Express mark 2

Sunday 8th April

Train Journey – Da Nang to Nha Trang. Distance 550Km.  Journey time 9 hours 45 minutes.  Cost 670,000 dong.  

We’ve reluctantly booked a train ticket from Da Nang to Nha Trang. The memories of our first journey are still fresh in my mind and nose.  This time we have travelling companions to share the delights of the journey with, Lauren (daughter) and Catherine (friend) who have been in Vietnam for 10 days. This time we have paid a little extra and have chosen a soft bed option instead of the soft seat option. This takes us out of the carriage that stunk like a urinal.  The bed option was 4 beds, 1 cabin. W e booked 1 cabin 4 beds, ideal. However …. when we picked the tickets up they had put us in separate cabins. Never mind, hopefully we’ ll not be sharing it with a Vietnamese family of 20 who can be noisy buggers!

I found this link on Youtube.

Passengers for the Urinal Express

One thought on “Train Journey – Urinal Express mark 2

  1. Hi Lynne and Neil – thanks once again for the update. If you had a word woith JD he could send you some pegs, he had “Whittled” for the summer sale, that could go over your noses so that the smell was kept to a minimum. Best of luck for your trip and hope that if you are sharing with a Vietamese couple they don’t have any funny habits !!!!

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