Vietnam Bicycles – Monty Python Link

Even though there are millions of mopeds/scooters and gradually they’re replacing the humble push bike. Here in Vietnam, the bicycle still plays a very important role in Vietnamese daily life.

In Western countries, most people enjoy bicycles as a kind of sport or a healthy way to commute. For people in Vietnam, bicycles are a tradition and a livelihood. For generations, bicycles have been used not only as transport but also as a way of generating income for working-class families. A lot of people’s lives are closely connected to this rudimentary conveyance because they can earn their living right on two wheels.

On street corners in most towns and cities, bicycle repairmen have  set up makeshift workshops.

Seeing these bicycle repairmen always make me smile and think of the Monty Python Sketch.


One thought on “Vietnam Bicycles – Monty Python Link

  1. Thanks again Neil for the informative info. Just a thought – how about a Tour de Vietnam with Neil barnes in lycra riding the first leg ?

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