Propaganda – French Indochina – Vietnam

When we think of the Vietnam War, we always think 0f the USA involvement.

However, prior to World War II, Vietnam was formerly known as French Indochina. After the war, the French continued to occupy Vietnam and faced a call for independence led by Ho Chi Minh (French Indochina war 1946 – 1954) .

In 1961 the USA took a more active role, afraid that the communists and Ho Chi Minh would become the leader of a united Vietnam and influence other South East Asia countries to follow the communists route.

Like most countries striving for independence and a move away from a colonialist government, propaganda material was widely used to influence the people.

In Hoi An there was a shop that sold reproduction posters. Below is a small sample of those posters.


3 thoughts on “Propaganda – French Indochina – Vietnam

  1. Hey Neil
    I am back in Canada now. Where are you world travellers now?
    Do you have any translation to go with these posters? Hard to believe this was not so many years ago.

  2. Hi Douglas, sorry no translation. We are still in Vietnam, currently we are in NHA Trang. Our daughter came over and spent 2 weeks with us. We travel to Hue next (north of Hoi An) We then meet our son in Hoi An. We leave Vietnam on the 23rd April, destination Malaysia. Not sure for how lone, here we will arrange a 3 month visa for Thailand. How is Canada, cold? best wishes Neil and Lynne

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