Cafe 43 – Hoi An

Having spent a number of nights now in Hoi An, we needed to find somewhere different to eat.  We’d eaten at our favourites restaurants many times and just needed a change.

Last night we found a placed called Cafe 43 which we’d checked out on Trip Advisor and it was number 20 out of 100+.

The sign outside, “Fresh Beer 3000vnd” (10 pence) persuaded me to give it a go. On entering we had all the usual banter: Good day mate where you from? What’s your name, how long you stay here etc. etc….  When we were having dinner another couple came in and we heard the waitress say all the usual banter and added to the girl “nice body”.  All I got was “good day mate!!!”

We had 4 beers, spring rolls, shrimp and cashew nuts, beef in a banana leaf, fresh fruit and a mango pancake with coconut ice cream. It was some of the best food we’ve had in Hoi An. The total bill came to £5.66. Real bargain, we’ll definitely be going back.


One thought on “Cafe 43 – Hoi An

  1. Does the comment by the waitress tell you anything perhaps ? Maybe you ought to go in a sarong and a wig and then see what comments you get then. Maybe you’ll spend a night courtesy of the police dept – who knows.

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