An Bang Beach – Vietnam

A normal day on the beach – Vietnam style

Currently the temperatures are in the high 30c,  so today we went to local An Bang beach for the cool sea breeze. Like most beaches in Asia they are patrolled by hawkers who want to sell you something.  Their English is usually pretty good and they generally have an opening pitch. They will then sit on the end of your sun lounger and ask “where you from, how old are you, what is your name, you have children???”  The cheeky ones will sometime poke my stomach and say “Happy Buddha” and they then expect me to buy something!

The range of goods vary from: ‘designer’ sunglasses, jewellery, cigarettes, corn on the cob, chicken and rice, beer, fresh lobster, local newspapers, hammocks and tropical fruit.

The girl vendors cover themselves in order to protect themselves from the sun.  In Asia if a girl/women is dark skinned it’s frowned upon. You will see in the photographs some of them are kitted out more for robbing the local Post Office than selling trinkets on the beach.

The staff in restaurants seem to have their meals at the time when most tourists want to have theirs … bizarre.

There’s never a dull moment on the beaches here!!!!!


One thought on “An Bang Beach – Vietnam

  1. When they poke you in the stomach do you start an international incident by poking them back ? What is the longest time taken to get rid of these people I mean all you wanted was a nice relaxing time on the beach !! wasn’t it ??

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