Vietnamese Wedding Reception

On Sunday we returned from Hue to Hoi An. We arranged a private car so we could meet Sean from Da Nang Airport en route.  We pre arranged with the driver that we’d stop when requested to take some photographs along the way.

Our first stop was on a huge bay with rice paddy fields and mountains. Close to where we stopped a Vietnamese wedding was in full swing, the noise from a disco and karaoke was nearly unbearable.  But what the hell, I thought it would be a good photo opportunity.

We stood at the entrance and saw the bride having pictures taken with all her girlfriends. Before we knew it we’d been dragged in and a beer thrust in our hands. Everyone wanted to shake our hands or just touch us. We were being pushed to the back of the room – I think they wanted us to get up and do a karaoke song.  The bride and groom were introduced, Lynne had her photo taken with the lucky couple (sorry about the quality of the photos, they kept thrusting bottles of beer in my face and wanted to say cheers (or the Vietnamese equivalent)! We were introduced to  granny who had a lovely smile, see picture.  They made us very welcome and wanted us to stay! It was a very surreal experience.


2 thoughts on “Vietnamese Wedding Reception

  1. Great story Neil and photos to match. Chance of a lifetime. Why is it though beer doesn’t seem that far away with your stories ?? 🙂

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