Adieu Vietnam

Our time in Viet Nam is nearly at an end, we leave here early Wednesday 23rd. Destination Chiang Mai via Kuala Lumpur (we couldn’t fly direct from Da Nang to Chiang Mai).  We did intend travelling to the Perhentian islands in the South China Sea. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any accommodation so we decided on a month in Chiang Mai and then head back to Malaysia.

The voluntary worked we wanted to do never materialised, we had to make do with helping three Vietnamese University students with their spoken English. (Well Lynne did).  They sometimes struggled with my accent.

Vietnam: The traffic in the cities is sometimes frightening. If not flying, travelling between majors cities can be agonisingly slow and sometimes dangerous. The drivings consists tooting your horn every 20 yards, bicycles three abreast going the wrong way down a one way street, dodging motorbikes on the pavement.

You are are continually approached by children, pensioners, disabled people, restaurateurs, tailors and taxis selling anything they can. But when you consider that they earn less than £2 a day and there is no state pension, you can’t really blame them.

Vietnam: On the positive side the country is beautiful and the scenery truly amazing.  The Vietnamese people are some of the warmest and friendliest we have met in Asia.  They still have  a lot to learn about tourism and dealing with stuffy westerners.  We have been fortunate enough to have spent nearly three months here, we have had some wonderful memories and stories that we can reminisce about on our return to the UK.

Should you visit  Vietnam?  Yes, come here before it’s over run with MacDonald’s, Dunking Do-nuts, Starbucks and other fast food outlets.  The world changes so quickly now.  Ten years from now it just could be another Benidorm!

Come here and enjoy, before it’s too late…


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