A fisherman’s tale – it was this big!

Saturday 9th June.

Booked a full day fishing trip with guide at Bo Sang lake, Chiang Mai. There were only two of us, me and a Chinese girl named Sophia.  She also brought along her mum, who slept most of the day and moaned about being hungry.     http://biggame-fishingthailand.com/

The brochure clearly stated “NO FISH…MONEY BACK”

My previous best catch was a pike caught at Slapton Ley, weighing in at about 5kg, approx 10lb. The first fish I caught today was over 8Kg (17lb).  I continued catching fish throughout the day, all over 8kg. I caught two that were 17kg+ and was well pleased.  It had been very hot and humid all day and we had the occasional light rain, so by about 3:oo I was feeling pretty damp and in need of a cold beer and shower. We agreed to fish until 4:00 and the leave.  At  3:30 I had another run and 35 minutes later I landed the best fish of my life:  a 27.5 kg Mekong catfish. I was exhausted – my arms, back and fingers were aching.

You can see in the first photograph, I was having difficulty holding it up.

It was a great day and and one that I would recommend.


One thought on “A fisherman’s tale – it was this big!

  1. And the one that got away was what size ??? What was Lynne doing all this time you were out fishing with a young lady ?? You ought to refer to JD’s joke what a coincidence.

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