Night in a cell – £43

We left the UK on the 14th November 2011, destination Asia..

To date we have travelled over 19,678 miles in five different countries.

We’ve stayed in 33  hotels and lost the count of how many different beds we’ve slept in. Some of the hotels have been outstanding value, 3/4  star hotels for less than £14 a night, others have been adequate.  Best value was the  5 star Pilgrimage Hotel Hue, £36 a night.

As a rule, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam offer excellent value for money, Malaysia is a little more expensive.  Just returned from  5 nights in Kuala Lumpur (to obtain a 2 month Thai visa). We stayed 4 nights  in the Ambassador Row serviced apartments, which had:  kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom and great views of KL. Cost £47 a night.  Also it was only 5 minutes walk to the Thai Embassy.  The only down side of KL is the LCCT airport is over 1 hour from the city and for our return flight to Chiang Mai we needed to check in at 5:00am, so we decided to book the Tune Hotel which is located at the airport complex (7 minutes walk to terminal).

The hotel is owned and run by the Air Asia (South East Asia’s biggest budget airline). Booking online, should have alerted us to what we would get for our money.

  1. 16 Ringgits  for a “Comfort Package” which consisted of 12 hours of Air con, 1 towel, a slither of soap and a thimble of shampoo, we  had to leave a deposit on the towel.
  2. Wi Fi access was another additional extra, 12 Ringgits.

Total Cost for 1 night: £43

We checked in and went to the room. When I say ‘room’ I’m being very generous – it was a box, a cell, a cupboard. With Lynne, me and the luggage there were 2 hooks on the wall for the wardrobe and nowhere to sit but the bed, the bathroom was bijou to say the least – sat on the toilet, my knees touched the wall.  The bed was a normal double, with one bedside shelf, not enough room for one the other side. There was a fold down table for your computer or something else, but no chair!  Only two pillows and the wi fi didn’t work.  I was dispatched down to reception to ask for 2 extra pillows and to enquire why the wi fi wasn’t working.  The response on the wi fi, “if it does not work by 9:00pm, we will refund your 12 Ringgits”  (It didn’t so they did!) When I asked about additional pillows, the look on her face, you’d have thought I’d asked if she wanted to sell her sister into the sex trade. I took this as a NO. Outside the hotel was a big advertising sign stating.  5 star sleeping experience at 1 star prices.  I don’t know what 5 star hotel they were talking about or where they found such an expensive 1 star hotel!

This is by far the worst hotel I have stayed in for many years, I will sleep in the airport before I stay at a Tune Hotel again.


One thought on “Night in a cell – £43

  1. Hi Neil and Lynne
    Still avidly following your adventures but just catching up with a few weeks worth of emails following our own adventure! tell you about it sometime! Spent two weeks in Sth Korea which was different to the rest of Asia but an interesting experience. Jen x

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