Stripey things with teeth, claws and long tails…..

We’ve spent a number of weeks here in Chiang Mai and previously done most of the sights and seen enough Wats to last a lifetime (although I do like a colourful Wat). The one tourist attraction we’ve stayed away from was Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai.

Why?  We read about the one in Kanchanaburi, where all the tigers are given sedatives and have their claws pulled and when they are old they are killed and sold for Chinese medicines.

Anyway, we did a lot of  research and it turned out that Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai runs quite a reputable establishment and run a successful breeding programme. When the tigers reach a certain age they are then re-located to other zoos around the world.

Knowing this, we decided that it was an opportunity too get close up with big cats.

Below are some of the photos.


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