Walking Street – Chiang Mai

Walking Street is in fact called  Rajdumnern Road and is located  on the inner-east side of the moat near Tapae Gate. The street is blocked off every Sunday from traffic for a market that starts at 14:00 and lasts until 22:00, with local craft persons operating stalls along.

Unlike the Night Bazaar on Chang Khlan Road, who peddle many fake designer goods,(it’s good for designer sunglasses, dodgy DVDs, Louis Vuitton handbags, etc..) On Walking street market, excellent hand made items are displayed and sold. At the 5 temples (Wats) on this road you can enjoy real Northern Thai food and snacks. 

You will see the Thai version of busking, some bands that play traditional Thai music outside the numerous Temples you walk past, school kids performing traditional dancing, others playing Thai instruments, the monies collected go towards further education (here in Thailand it must be paid for). There is one little boy, probably no more than 5 or 6, just stands there with a hoola hoop spinning it on his hips.  Exploitation? Not sure.  If you have nothing, any way to make a living  is OK. Severely disabled people begging: again no disability pensions here.

It’s busy and noisy, but very enjoyable. The crafts, clothes, carvings on display show that here at least skills have not diminished, unlike in the UK.


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