We’s cooking class

Living in Chiang Mai we are continually looking for new places to eat and enjoy the Thai cuisine. We found We’s Restaurant on TripAdvisor.  Out of 400 restaurants, it’s rated 5.

It’s not the easiest place to find but we persevered and tracked it down. It’s definitely not fine dining with fancy tables and linen. In fact the tables and chairs are all a bit wonky and very rustic.  A young  girl who took our order wasn’t quite surly, but she definitely conveyed that there were places she’d rather be.

The food we had was amazing, the Thai fishcakes were probably the best we’ve  ever had. So good in fact that we signed up for We’s cooking course just to learn how to make them and learned a whole lot more!

We thought we were pretty knowledgeable about Thai veg, fruit, herbs and spices but found we were missing a lot when We took us to the local market.

The young girl that served us on our first visit is in fact We’s daughter.  Her name is Chip, but decided to change it to Jam. The last time we went she must have been on the happy pills, she was totally different.  She sat at our table while she had her dinner and she talked so much she almost made our ears bleed!  She told us about her school lessons and her friends who comprise one girl and two ladyboys.  We were a bit surprised about this and when we asked how old the ladyboys were, she told us they were the same age as her – 12!

We cooked 10 different dishes (pictures below)

It’s two weeks before we come home and we will being eating here again…


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