And now the end is near. (Homeward bound)

Well, we’ve come to the end of our journey and tomorrow (Friday 21st Sept) we fly home.  How time has flown. We’ve been away 312 days, visited 5 countries, stayed in 35 different hotels and by the time we arrive back will have travelled over 27,000 miles.

We’ve had a wonderful time and visited some beautiful places. The volunteer teaching in Khao Lak , the orphanage we visited and the kids we met is very special.  It was an experience that we’ll always cherish.  We’ve met many people on our journey, the majority being warm and friendly. We’ve been so lucky to have made this journey and to have shared our experience with those who have been following this Blog.

Below is a very small sample of photographs  of places and people we have seen and met on our journey.


Phraya Nakhon Temple – Inside a huge cave

English Camp December 2011 – Ban Biang School

Surin Islands New Years Eve 2011

Home and Life Orphanage

Moken (sea gypsy) kids – Surin Island.

The infamous Hell Fire Pass

Kanchanaburi – War Graves



Sunset on the Mighty Mekong

Luang Prabang – Valentine’s Day dinner on garage forecourt.

Buddhist Monks – chilling out in the Mekong.

A tributary of the Mekong.



Sunrise at Angkor Wat.

The road over the moat leading in to Angkor Wat

Ta Prohm Wat

Hawker selling mangos

Kids begging at the Cambodia -Vietnam border crossing.



Bloody traffic

Rex Hotel (HCMC) roof top bar

Ho Chi Minh City – Main Post Office

Cu Chi Tunnels – American unexploded bombs.

AK47 – Lynne takes aim

Nha Trang Beach

Chillies and Spices – Nha Trang street market.

Boatman – Hoi An

Painted door – Hoi An

Whistle seller – Lunch break

Catherine and Lauren join us for our 37th wedding anniversary dinner

3 Vietnamese students – Desperate to learn English.

Cheapest beer in Vietnam – less than 10 pence per glass..

Vietnamese Wedding

Sean at the tailors – Late Christmas present.

Topless hairdresser – Hoi An

Hut – Fruit seller An Bang beach Hoi An.



Patronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur

Patronas Towers at night.

View from hotel – Kuala Lumpur skyline.


Chiang Mai Thailand

Pool at our Chiang Mai apartment.

Fishing at Bo Sang Lake – Chiang Mai

Storm clouds – Chiang Mai

Tiger – up real close

Wat – Chan Klan Road, Chiang Mai



4 thoughts on “And now the end is near. (Homeward bound)

  1. Neil
    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey – we’ve enjoyed every minute and awaited each new blog eagerly. We’ll miss your amusing anecdotes and scary moments ….and the superb photos. Good Luck when you get home – it won’t be long before you are back into normality but do keep in touch. Jim and I will be down your way next April so will try and meet up with a few of the ‘old gang’ in the West. All the best to you and Lynne. Kind regards to you both. Jennifer

  2. I cant believe that you are home today. Its been great following your epic journey!!
    You should have a Lynne and Neil are back party, xxx love to you both xx

  3. Hi You2
    I have enjoyed your blog, you must have had a great time, but i bet you are looking forward to going home Johnbytheway

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