Settling in at Twin Peaks, Chiang Mai

After 28 hours of sitting in trains, coaches, airport lounges, planes and taxis. at 17:45tt (Thai Time) we finally arrived at Twin Peaks Condo, Chiang Mai. A warm and humid 32c, but what can you expect; it is the rainy season. On arrival we were greeted with the customary salute by the gate security guards.  Since our stay here 12 months ago, they’ve changed security companies and the new guards are dressed like Royal Marine  commando’s.  I swear that one has just graduated from the cubs and become a scout – looks about fourteen. Hopefully he’s fully trained in all forms of martial arts.

We were recognised from our previous stay; Nik the Juristic Manager (don’t know exactly what that means – if you’re interested you’ll have to contact Mr Google) gave Lynne a big hug and then politely asked Lynne if it was OK to give me a hug (by the way, Nik is a woman). I know you’ve got to be very careful here.

Glad to say the Condo cat is still in residence. About as frightening as the security guards.

Condo Cat

The Security


A tuk tuk driver’s companion. Spot the real Angry Bird!



3 thoughts on “Settling in at Twin Peaks, Chiang Mai

  1. Hi Neil
    Glad you and Lynne have the wanderlust bug again! We’ll look forward to hearing of your adventures. Write soon. Take care! Jen and Jim

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