Somphet Market

Friday 13th September:  we visited our favourite traditional little shopping spot, Somphet market.  It’s just off Moonmuang Road, right in the heart of Chiang Mai city.  It’s frequented by farangs (foreigners) but mostly local Thais.  You can buy most things here: clothes, material, meat, vegetables, hardware.  Live fish flap in shallow containers, while next door you can have one cooked over hot coals with a hot chilli dressing.

The exotic cactus-like dragon fruit  has a pink exterior yet reveals a white fleshy inside full of little black seeds, looks delicious but has little or no taste. The  more adventurous try the durian, which is renown for smelling like s**t but tasting like heaven. Perhaps one day we’ll try it.

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3 thoughts on “Somphet Market

      1. Hi Neil we will have to get together when your back , what’s happened to Bruce out the loop now so haven’t heard anything ?

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