Chinese New Year – Wararot Market, Chiang Mai

Today, being Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse), we walked to China Town (Wararot Market). The roads around Wararot are normally nose to tail with songtaews and tuk tuks but today the roads were closed to traffic and turned into a walking street, full of Thai people who have Chinese origins, dressed in tradition outfits together with the thousands of Chinese tourists who now choose to take their holidays in Chiang Mai due to amongst other things, direct flights.  Being a day of celebration is another opportunity to earn some extra money with stalls set up along the road selling all kinds of food and drink. You could buy sausages, fish, quail, chicken, fruit, fried rice, noodles and unrecognisable foodstuffs that aren’t even translated into English! They catered for every taste, a stall selling deep fried bugs: small, medium and gigantic. What a great afternoon in the sunshine. Sorry you can’t be here to share it but here are some of the photographs.



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