Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2014

The Flower Festival in Chiang Mai is an annual event.  It’s another excuse for closing the roads and setting up stalls and walking streets that sell food and souvenirs. That’s the cynical view!

Plant vendors position their stands on the roadsides around the moat for three days and city’s large east entrance, Tha Pae Gate, is overrun with hundreds of tourists and locals, a large stage, food stalls, flower showcases, beauty pageants and people.

In fact, it’s truly a spectacular three day event, the orchids and other flora displays mixed in with food, drink, clothes craft stalls are colourful and imaginative. At 4:00pm on day two the main road from Narawat Bridge leading to Tha Pae Gate is closed for the extravagantly decorated floral floats, marching bands, drummers, traditional Thai dancing girls and Hill Tribe people in traditional outfits. We watched for a hour or so and took numerous photographs. We then went and had some dinner, two hours later the floats etc were still parading into Tha Pae Gate. Over four and a half hours of floats


2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2014

  1. Thanks Neil for another Winter Warmer! The carnival certainly looked colourful.I’m going to send a copy of the VW with knitted bodywork to a friend who is big in The Norfolk Knitters – a group of knitters who make 1000’s of items for various charities across the world. Her husband is a car-mechanic with an interest in old cars – perfect to give them both some inspiration!!
    Enjoy yourselves
    Jennifer and Jim

    1. Hi both. Like the UK lt’s winter here. The difference is, winters here are dryer, it’s 8 weeks since we had any rain. Warm and sunny every day and cool at night. Best wishes Neil and Lynne

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