Anusarn Market – Chang Klan Road

Hi folks. Been away now six weeks and been pretty lazy.  Since we arrived we’ve not done much. We arrived just before the three day Loy Krathong Festival (festival of lanterns) and it rained for two days and nights which is quite unusual for Chiang Mai.  The last day of rain (7th November) I bought a umbrella, typically  the rain stopped and we’ve not had a drop since.  The apartment we rent is very close to the road where the Night Bazaar is held.  The Night Bazaar opens 365 days a year and starts at 5pm and stops around 11pm.

There are a number of other markets that are on adjoining roads. One of our favourites is Anusarn. Here there is a wide variety of food stalls and restaurants selling a wide variety of cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Indian, Burmese and Western.  Some specialising in seafood, all available at incredibly low prices.

One of our favourite eateries is Jintana Happy Thai which is very basic and outdoors but the food is very good,  service is great and so cheap.  The chef must be the Happy Thai as he always smiles and sings along to his favourites tunes which are generally Bee Gees and John Denver. If you want you can have leg, back or head massage, dip your feet in a fish tank full of feet eating fish (tried feet eating fish, not to my liking).  You can have a pair of flip flops made to your taste.  Paintings, leather goods, wood carvings, clothes, handbags, jewellery are sold here and it’s expected that you barter, sometimes you find yourself arguing over 5 pence.

Anusarn also boasts about it’s world famous Chiang Mai Lady Boy show, entrance is 200 Baht (£4) and this includes a free beer or cocktail. We’ve been on a number of occasions and they actually put on a great show. Although they mime to the songs, the costumes and the dancing are quite professional, definitely not a West End show but for four quid …..!  Some of the cast of the show do look like a man dressed in drag, though others look very feminine (at least from a distance).  After the show ends the leading ladies all line up for a photo call, however it will cost you 20Baht (40 pence) a shot.

One of our favourite bars in Anusarn is O’Malley’s Irish Pub. The main reason for  drinking  in an Irish pub it’s definitely not the food it’s: Air Conditioning and comfy seating and good service. Another plus is the staff are very friendly, especially Poo and Fern ( Fern is the Tiger Beer promotion girl)

Hope you enjoy the photographs.




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