Drive it like you’ve stolen it!

For my 60th Birthday which was back in November 2014, my two children Sean and Lauren really had no idea what to buy me for this momentous occasion. After numerous conversations with Lynne it was decided that an appropriate present would be the chance to experience driving a sports cars. I had a choice and could have driven a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin DB9, Mini Cooper, Porsche (something or other) Caterham 7 or some Japanese tin boxes or an E Type Jaguar. The decision was not a difficult choice to make. It had to be the E Type…

I decided to wait until the summer months, hoping that the weather might possibly be more favourable than the depths of winter and 12th June was the chosen date. We arrived one hour before my allotted slot, registered and heard the compulsory briefing. I was then offered an additional classic car experience costing from £25 for the Mini Cooper S ranging up to £60 for a Aston Martin. There was a Austin Healy 3000 and a Ford Mustang Mach 1, both a car that I’d very much like to drive. Decision made: it was the Mustang American Muscle Car ( I’d watch the film “Bullitt” in my younger years)

My name was called and it was time for my six laps in the E Type.  I was not alone; there was an experienced driver in the passenger seat who was responsible for ensuring the experience was enjoyable, making sure I didn’t break it.  Strapped in and ready, we slowly made our way on to the track which consisted of two long straights with chicane corners at each end. On the first straight I thought I was going fast until a Aston Martin DB9 passed like I was standing still.  I starting gaining confidence by the 6th and final lap when I passed the same Aston Martin DB9 (pretty sure it was a different driver!) All too soon the E Type drive was over. But it will never be forgotten.

By the time it came for me to take the Mustang out, the rain arrived and it was torrential. Those of you that know  anything about American Muscle cars, know that they don’t corner in the dry, never mind when it’s raining cats and dogs.  So it was all about the straight: automatic gear box, engage drive, press the accelerator down to the floor and sit back, brake heavy before the corner, coax it round and the off down the straight again.

What a day! Driven two of the most iconic cars ever made.


And he’s off

AGC_8506 AGC_8505 AGC_8498 AGC_8486 AGC_8485 AGC_8484 AGC_8223 AGC_8222 AGC_8217 AGC_8216 AGC_8207 AGC_8195 AGC_8194 AGC_8184 AGC_8176 AGC_8175 AGC_8163 AAA AA11 AA9 AA8 AA7 AA6 AA5 AA4 AA1 AA


4 thoughts on “Drive it like you’ve stolen it!

  1. Hi Neil, Mega !!! Two off the “bucket list” then. Hope you are both keeping well and you are clearly enjoying life. Heard recently that John Collins is the only one left from the old skool. “Christ” knows what e-Records must be like now after only 5 years. Still, we all seem to be fit and healthy, going strong. Currently in Valencia after a month cruising around Ibiza. What a lovely and spectacular island, the stereotype does it a dis-service. Tempted to catch the San Antonio, 23.00 “disco bus” returning at 0700, however. Now headed north back to our berth in Sant Carles and home for the summer. Take care and keep in touch, great to hear your news. “Fair winds” as they say Nick & Judesv ONAWAY

  2. Wow Neil, what a day! A great experience and good that your family know you so well!
    Belated Happy Birthday and welcome to the world of freebies – prescriptions, eyetests etc!!!!
    Good to hear you are enjoying life in UK as well as in Thailand.
    We’re ok, looking forward to moving back into our house on 24th, after 11+ months following our flood. Hopefully then we’ll be able to get off on our travels again.
    Keep living life to the full and sending your inspiring posts.
    Kind regards to you both
    Jen & Jim

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